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The Bookshop Podcast

Mandy Jackson-Beverly

My name is Mandy Jackson-Beverly and I’m the host of The Bookshop Podcast based in California. The Bookshop Podcast helps independent bookshops thrive by highlighting these gems of the community, as well as illuminating the wonders of words on a page. Every Monday, I virtually visit an independent bookshop and interview the owner or manager to find out what makes the store unique. I ask about the booksellers and what their customers are reading and loving, and the history and future of the bookshop. The Bookshop Podcast supports book launches and events and helps listeners find their next favorite armchair adventure.Each episode is in two sections: an interview with a bookshop owner or manager, followed by an author interview. Countries represented so far include the USA, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and Italy. In addition, I host a Wednesday edition of The Bookshop Podcast where I interview specialists in the humanities and our environment. Unlike the Monday episodes, these are solo interviews and can include a series such as The Aramont Library and the Library of Congress: episodes 34, 36, and 38. Buy Local. Read Global. Support Your Local Indie Bookshop. The Bookshop Podcast theme created by Brian Beverly.