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Stephanie Stillo Ph.D & Emily Moore, Library of Congress

June 08, 2022 Mandy Jackson-Beverly Season 1 Episode 143
The Bookshop Podcast
Stephanie Stillo Ph.D & Emily Moore, Library of Congress
Show Notes

In this episode, I caught up with Stephanie Stillo Ph.D. and Emily Moore from the Library of Congress about what's new with the Aramont Library, the definition of "modern book," what they've discovered about themselves while working with the collection, and an exciting symposium taking place next year!

Stephanie Stillo is the Curator of the Lessing J. Rosenwald Graphic Arts Collection in the Rare Book and Special Collection Division at the Library of Congress. After receiving her Ph.D. in the Early Modern Atlantic World from the University of Kansas, Stillo served as the Mellon Professor of History and Digital Humanities at Washington and Lee University. There she taught classes on digital exhibition and design, public history, and digital storytelling. She also served as a CLIR/Mellon fellow in the Library of Congress’ Preservation, Research and Testing Division researching how preservation technology can reveal important historical information about the Library of Congress's rare book collection.

Emily Moore is the Assistant Curator of the Aramont Library in the Rare Books and Special Collections Division at the Library of Congress. With a BA in Art History and Cinema from the University of Toronto and an MLIS from the University of Maryland, Moore brings her passion for art into the world of archives, examining how production and process intersect with memory and object. At RBSC, you will find her processing the archive of book artist and publisher Walter Hamady or in the stacks, dreaming over the livre d’artistes of the Aramont Library.

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