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Deon Stonehouse, Sunriver Books & Music

July 04, 2022 Mandy Jackson-Beverly Season 1 Episode 150
The Bookshop Podcast
Deon Stonehouse, Sunriver Books & Music
Show Notes

In this episode, I chat with Deon Stonehouse about books, dogs, the magic of writing with an exquisite pen, and the beauty of Sunriver, Oregon.

Sunriver Books & Music is located in Sunriver, Oregon, about 17 miles from the city of Bend. The bookshop is owned by Deon and Rich Stonehouse, who believe books are a wonderful way to experience the world through someone else's perceptions and that reading is a fabulous way to expand your horizons from the serious to the silly to the sublime.   
Fencing with the King, Diana Abu-Jaber

Les Miserables, Victor Hugo

Lessons in Chemistry, Bonnie Garmus

Remarkable Creatures, Tracy Chevalier

The Soul of an Octopus, Sy Montgomery

Nowhere for Very Long: The Unexpected Road to an Unconventional Life, Brianna Madia

The Seed Keeper, Diane Wilson

Salman Rushdie books

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