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Jenny McCann, Bear Bookshop

January 16, 2023 Mandy Jackson-Beverly Season 1 Episode 182
The Bookshop Podcast
Jenny McCann, Bear Bookshop
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Show Notes

In this episode, I'm chatting with Jenny McCann, director of Bear Bookshop in Smethwick, U.K., about her career as an English teacher, why she opened a children's bookshop, her favorite children's books to hand-sell, and how to encourage children to read. 

For Jenny McCann, Bear Bookshop began as a dream… a long-held fantasy of owning a bookshop and surrounding herself with books all day long! Bear Bookshop aims to be a place that develops and encourages a child’s enjoyment of reading, love of learning and sense of wonder, and to help children and parents experience the joy of reading and learning. Jenny encourages children to experience more adventures and less screens. More confidence and less worry. More stories. More curiosity. More play. More resilience. More imagination. And more joy. 

Bear Bookshop

Santa’s Christmas Countdown, Kath Jewitt, Sebastian Braun

The Jolly Christmas Postman, Allan Ahlberg, Janet Ahlberg

Little People, BIG DREAMS, Maria Isabel Vegara

The Story Orchestra Series

Anisha, Accidental Detective, Serena Patel, Emma McCann

The Girl of Ink & Stars, Kiran Millwood Hargrave

The Heartstopper Series, Alice Oseman

Daughter of the Pirate King, Tricia Levenseller

Peepo Books, Allan Ahlberg, Janet Ahlberg

Each Peach Pear Plum, Allan Ahlberg, Janet Ahlberg

The Wind in the Willow, Kenneth Grahame

Illumisaurus, Lucy Brownridge, Carnovsky

Illuminightmare, Lucy Brownridge, Carnovsky

Sorrow and Bliss, Meg Mason

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