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Deborah Crossland, Author

July 10, 2023 Mandy Jackson-Beverly Season 1 Episode 207
The Bookshop Podcast
Deborah Crossland, Author
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Show Notes

In this episode, I chat with Deborah Crossland about her new YA novel, The Quiet Part Out Loud, teaching, landing her dream agent, and mythology!

Deborah Crossland teaches English and mythology at her local community college, studies mythology and depth psychology in her Ph.D. program, and writes myth-based, contemporary novels for young adults. She is also a founding board member of the nonprofit Fernweh Collective, which focuses on cultural education through experiential learning. You can find her talking all things myth on Fernweh Collective’s happy hour video on YouTube. She lives in Northern California with her husband and her daughter’s very spoiled retired service dog.

Deborah Crossland

The Quiet Part Out Loud, Deborah Crossland

Pacifica Institute

The Renaissance of Gwen Hathaway, Ashley Schumacher

Women Who Run With The Wolves, Clarissa  Pinkola Estés, PhD

The Heroin’s Journey: Woman’s Quest for Wholeness, Maureen Murdoch

Christine Downing, Books

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