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Bookshop Santa Cruz & Jill Wolfson

November 16, 2020 Casey Coonerty Protti and Jill Wolfson Season 1 Episode 3
The Bookshop Podcast
Bookshop Santa Cruz & Jill Wolfson
Show Notes

1987 proved to be a year of major change for me. It was the year I worked with the exceptional David Bowie as the stylist on the music video Day in, Day Out, directed by Julian Temple, and after a lot of coaxing, I joined Bowie and the rest of the crew on the Glass Spider Tour. I left the tour after a few months for a variety of reasons, some related to incidents that occurred on the road, the stress of which did little to maintain my recent sobriety.  

1987 was also the year I met my husband, Brian Beverly. We met on the set of an Eddie Money music video—an all-nighter, well, two actually, shot in an alley Downtown LA, with, of course, a rainmaker and fog machine…lots of fog. This was, after all, a David Fincher shoot where the atmosphere is crucial.

So how does my story relate to this episode of The Bookshop Podcast? How did I get from music videos to bookshops, books, and authors? Well, you’ll need to listen to find out.

Join me in Santa Cruz, California, while I chat with Casey Coonerty Protti at Bookshop Santa Cruz and local author Jill Wolfson.

Here’s a list of links, authors, and books mentioned in this podcast.

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·      Ibram X. Kendi How to be an anti-racist

·      Maggie O'Farrell Hamnet

·      Jill Wolfson

·      The Beat Within

·      Somebody Else’s Children The Courts, the Kids, and the Struggle to Save America's Troubled Families

·      What I Call Life

·      Home, and Other Big, Fat Lies

·      Cold Hands, Warm Heart

·      Furious

·      Dear Concerned Mother

·      Lucas And Sarah This American Life

·      Bay Area Parent Jill Wolfson editor 

·      Brian Beverly Music




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