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David Ebenbach, Author, and Allan Stypeck, Second Story Books

May 31, 2021 Mandy Jackson-Beverly Season 1 Episode 42
The Bookshop Podcast
David Ebenbach, Author, and Allan Stypeck, Second Story Books
Show Notes

In the Spring of 2007, my husband and I and our two sons went to Washington D.C. with my in-laws. We visited memorial sites, art museums, the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, Mount Vernon, the White House. We ate great food, met wonderful people, lapped up the history of the United States, and snapped many photos of blossoms. 

The trip was emotional, as it would be my father-in-law’s last visit to one of his favorite cities, one he’d visited many times in his long-spanning career in politics. We watched as his wife comforted him when he broke down in tears at the National World War II Memorial, and later at the Arlington National Cemetery. We listened to his stories while riding the United States Capitol Subway System beneath Capitol Hill and dining at his favorite hangouts.

Washington D.C. is a beautiful city, a museum-goers delight, a park-lovers haven. Today, I’m back in D.C. speaking virtually with two residents. And because my guest author, David Ebenbach, celebrated the birth of his latest book How To Mars last week, I’m switching things up and starting the episode with his interview. Then I chat with Allan J. Stypeck, Jr., owner of Second Story Books.

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