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David Poses, Author, Speaker, Advocate

November 17, 2021 Mandy Jackson-Beverly Season 1 Episode 85
The Bookshop Podcast
David Poses, Author, Speaker, Advocate
Show Notes

While his wife and two-year-old daughter watched TV in the living room, David Poses was in the kitchen, measuring the distance from his index finger to his armpit. He needed to be sure he could pull the trigger with a shotgun barrel in his mouth. Twenty-six inches. Thirty-two years old. More than a decade in a double life fueled by depression and heroin.

In this interview, David and I talk about recovery, music, and depression, and share our thoughts on legalizing drugs and what really works in recovery. 

David’s writing has been published by the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and New York Daily News, and he’s appeared on national TV programs, including The Doctors TV Show, and numerous radio shows and podcasts.

David Poses

 The Weight of Air, David Poses

 Strung Out: A Memoir of Overcoming Addiction, Erin Khar

My Fair Junie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean, Amy Dresner

 Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction, Maia Szalavitz

 SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

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